Why Choose Linux Dedicated Server Hosting From DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean provides a range of Linux hosting options for both dedicated and shared servers, as well as CPU- or memory-optimized Droplets that are perfect for production workloads.

Linux as an open-source platform offers many customization features and easily adapts to technological innovations, without incurring license fees that contribute to increased IT costs.


As Linux is open source, there are no license fees associated with its use – saving costs and making dedicated server hosting more cost-effective for hosting companies. Furthermore, the Linux community offers numerous free tools and applications that allow developers to customize their OS environments as desired.

Linux offers superior scalability, making it ideal for scripting languages such as Perl. Furthermore, it features an extensive toolkit for secure communications as well as a robust security infrastructure.

Linux offers a host of software that is simple and quick to install and manage, making it ideal for businesses needing multiple web apps, databases and infrastructures on one server. Web developers who host sites for their clients also find Linux to be an excellent option – in short it provides outstanding performance and stability for websites requiring it.


A Linux dedicated server can easily accommodate your website’s expansion without interruption, offering reliable support and managed services as well as being cost-effective as it requires no outside interference and offers flexible infrastructure to meet any requirement.

Linux servers are highly compatible with many software applications and technologies, and offer enhanced security features compared to other operating systems due to being open source – allowing the community to identify bugs faster.

DigitalOcean provides an array of linux hosting solutions. Our basic Droplets are ideal for simple websites and applications, while for heavier loads we have CPU/memory optimized Droplets that are ideal for running databases and eCommerce stores. In addition, a dedicated server gives you access to scripting languages and SQL.


Reliability provided by a dedicated server ensures your website stays online at all times – something especially valuable if your traffic volumes are significant. In contrast to shared hosting where resources are divided among many users, dedicated hosting allows you to maximize available resources for superior performance and an exceptional user experience.

Linux servers are generally more resistant to cyberattacks due to being open source software, making it easier for the IT community to detect and correct vulnerabilities quickly. Furthermore, most distributions of Linux can be obtained for free which lowers costs associated with managing a dedicated server.

Cybercon is a reliable web host, giving your website peace of mind around the clock. Our dedicated servers utilize enterprise grade hardware, making your site highly resistant to hardware failures. As such, even during periods of high traffic volume or spikes your site will never go offline – an invaluable benefit!

Community Support

Linux Server offers more cost-effective website and online application hosting solutions than its competitor Windows Server, and features extensive security configurations designed to protect infrastructure against attack. Furthermore, its vibrant community quickly responds with updates that patch any vulnerabilities as soon as they’re found.

Dedicated servers give you total control over resources like bandwidth, RAM and CPU for your website or application. They’re ideal for web developers hosting client sites or business organizations needing more power than what shared servers can provide.

M5 offers Linux Dedicated Server Hosting that is suitable for a range of websites and applications, featuring speedy NVMe SSD drives, LiteSpeed web servers and advanced caching technologies that make websites load faster while providing superior performance. Furthermore, its easy-to-use cPanel provides customers with a convenient means of managing their websites via one convenient user interface.

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